The content of this page has been designed to help you identify where you are being and feeling held back in your life due to the traumatic events that you have experienced. Due to its sensitive nature, I invite you to only read through thoroughly, when you are feeling that you will be able to absorb the words I have written, without compromising what you have going on for you right now, at this moment.

If you feel you are ready to commence, I invite you to connect with your breath and know that should any uncomfortable feelings arise as you are reading through, that your breath will support you through. If you feel overwhelmed by anything you read, I extend another invitation to pause. Perhaps take a step back from this page and only come back and continue to read through when you feel that you are ready.

The content to follow is for you if you identify as a woman who has realised that the trauma you have experienced is of a sexual nature and is still having a negative impact on who you are today.

It is time. Time for you to step out from behind the shadows that hold you back. That keep you stuck. I see you, I hear you, I understand you and I am here to guide you, to take your hand and to release. To heal. To reclaim yourself. Because you do not need to be in the shadows anymore. It is time for the light to come in. 

Have you experienced some form of physical sexual abuse, molestation or assault?

Are you ready to see change, but you’re not sure where to go or what to  do to peel back the layers, to reveal what you’re really holding beneath your skin? The feelings and emotions that are bubbling just beneath the surface 

Are you fed up for feeling scared to use your voice? Scared of being in this space?

Is your past affecting you so much that you’re noticing how much of an  impact it is having on your work and career? 

Is it impacting your relationships, your social life, maybe even with your children?

And what about the relationship you have with yourself? Do you have a good relationship with yourself?

I see you, my love. I understand. I too was where you are now and please know that you are not alone. That there is hope.

Is what happened holding you back from experiencing those deep feelings of the important things in life.


The things you’ve been craving and desiring for so long now...

I know you’ve probably tried everything to move on and heal. To rebuild that connection with yourself and others, but there's still a part of you that remembers what happened as if it were only yesterday.


Maybe there are days where all you want to do is feel numb. You just don't have the strength to keep fighting, to hold it together, to use your voice and stand up for yourself


Days where life feels full - you’re frantically doing everything you can to avoid what's really going on.


You find yourself over extending yourself, over or under eating, over exercising, over spending… doing all the things that will change how people see you on the outside.


You try so desperately to keep up the front of perfection, hoping that no one will notice.

There are days where you feel moments of bliss - when you buy yourself nice things. To make yourself feel an ounce of joy - but whilst you allow those blissful feelings to wash over you, you notice how quickly they begin to fade. How they always seem to be short lived until you are straight back to feeling overcome by and living in the shadows and crevices of your own mind.

You see them when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflection in the window or a mirror.


You know there’ll come a day when you just can’t avoid it any longer - you will no longer be able to avoid addressing the reflection of pain you see in your own eyes.

Put your hand on your heart and breathe in for 3 out for 5.


Know that I am not writing this to trigger you. I am writing this so you know you are not alone in how you are feeling. You are not alone. You are not alone.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel safe and supported right here, right now. 

Some days, you can't even bear to look at yourself because all you see is the truth.

She’s there staring back at you, waiting to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged and to be loved.

She’s waiting for you to hold her and make her feel safe again.

Are you struggling to connect with her? Connect with your body and just let go?

You might be wondering how you can trust yourself to feel safe again? 

You want to feel safe, connected and loved in your intimate relationships

You wish that you could feel confident in your body & start living with inner peace and flow so that you can be the woman you know you are meant to be deep down inside

Maybe your body is struggling - maybe you have unexplained health struggles such as hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, autoimmune issues, pelvic health issues, painful periods?

If you have found yourself resonating with anything I’ve shared with you, then you are in exactly the right place.


I see you. I hear you. I am here for you. I can help you.


How can I help and why should you trust me?


From experiencing sexual abuse in early childhood into my teenage years and beyond, I am now making it MY MISSION to support, guide and empower as MANY WOMEN around the world to HEAL and OVERCOME sexual trauma. 

I have been where you are right now and I know what is on the other side when you open up to being healed, to being held, to being supported.

If it’s possible for me, I know it is absolutely possible for you to fully heal and recover, too.

You don’t need to stay in the shadows – your trauma doesn’t have to define you or be something that has ‘just happened to you’ and you don’t have to ‘just get on with it’. This is your life, it’s time for you to reclaim it.


Research shows that nearly 1 in 3 women have experienced some form of sexual violence or sexual abuse. 

 If you a feel deep sense of shame, guilt or fear and have experienced any form of abuse where your body has been violated sexually, you are not the only one.

If you feel that your heart has become so heavily burdened with fear and hurt that you cannot enjoy life & don’t know how to move forward in peace, you do not have to face this alone.

I have been where you are & let me tell you, it is possible for you to feel safe, confident and empowered again.

Specifically designed with sexual trauma in mind, The Miracle Method is a 20 week journey to support you to reclaim your power. Creating a sense of deep security in your body, feeling connected in relationships, rebuilding trust and discovering the true essence of you that lies within.  


Beneath the shadows.

Beneath the layers.


The Miracle Method peels back the layers and releases, in a safe, supportive and protective way.


The Miracle Method uses 9 unique pillars and blueprints that I have created just for you.


The 9 Pillars are so powerful and will become your toolkit for life. They will not only anchor you in healing this particular trauma, but they will support you as you move through life. You can come back to them time and time again as you need to, using the tools and the methods to support you to heal other forms of trauma. You have lifetime access to this program.


The pillars will help you ...

Feel safe again within your body & life

Begin to shift the stagnant energy & emotion which could be contributing to your health conditions

Release the burden of sexual trauma, no matter how old

Express yourself with authenticity in all aspects your life, including sexually, physically and verbally

Experience being intimately connected to your body again, without feeling guilt or shame

Create & sustain loving, connected relationships in which you feel safe & respected

Unlock your creativity and confidence

Unleash your true self to start living the life you truly desire

Create, assert and uphold boundaries


Working with Sinead helped me to heal a deeper layer of my sexual trauma that I didn’t even know existed. Not only did she help me realize how that trauma was impacting my physical health and blocking me in life, but she held a lovely gentle space for me to release and heal. Her guidance and powerful energy healing allowed me to clear that dark energy from my body, and break old patterns around my sexuality and feeling unsafe in my body. Working through sexual trauma can be scary and confusing, but she guided me through this process with so much grace and love. She is an incredibly wise and powerful healer, and I’m so grateful she came into my life when I needed her.



This programme has everything I wish I had known and been taught when I began my healing journey

The Miracle Method takes a holistic approach that will address every part of you that desires to heal, so that you can FAST TRACK your healing process and fully overcome the trauma you have experienced.

I have literally put my heart and soul into The Miracle Method and I can honestly say, that there is literally no other programme like this out there on the market. And I know that because I have been exactly where you are right now.


I have unfurled.
I have unwoven.
I have healed.


The Miracle Method is designed to help you do the same, from a real honest and grounded place of KNOWING.

No stone is left unturned. The Miracle Method is a programme that will support you in every aspect of your healing and wellbeing, taking you on a journey that will TRANSFORM you and your life.


Giving your tools and techniques that you can use for a lifetime.

You do not need to feel stressed out or overwhelmed by trying to research different therapists, coaches and healers, to support you, because everything you need is included in this programme. Everything.

In this pillar, you will embark on this journey together as you begin to build and create connections with the other women in the sisterhood. Women who have one thing in common - you have all been there. Together you will celebrate coming together as you get clear on your goals and set intentions for the healing work to commence.
This connection will provide you with the ground work required to get anchored and rooted into safety, whilst nourishing you with a sense of belonging.

I will teach you tools and techniques that ensure you are feeling safe and secure at all times, so that you are ready to lead with courage and confidence onto the path ahead. These skills will not only serve and support you through the entire programme, but they will be something that you can continuously come back to time and time again.


Aligning and bringing the Root chakra back into balance - releasing fear and instilling grounding and a sense of safety.

When safety has been ensured and created from within, you will begin to lean into the remembrance of what happened.
You will be encouraged and supported to speak out. To share your experiences verbally, so that you can begin the process of releasing the shame and pain that has been keeping you hostage and preventing you from living and creating the life you have always desired.


You will be guided by shamanic practitioner and female embodiment expert, Shannon Amrein in a journeying within the body and womb space to create safety, clear trauma and past energies through cord cutting

In this pillar you will be diving into shadow work. Exploring and understanding your triggers. Learning how to express, feel and move through anger in a safe and conscious way


Reclamation of personal power, enhancement of self-worth and self-esteem, release of anger, frustration, resentment and rage

In this pillar, you will be joined by guest expert and breathwork practitioner, Alyse Bacine. The main focus is to connect with the breath so that you can release any emotions, feelings or traumatic memories through conscious breathwork.

It is common to get swept up in the moment and on the hamster wheel of healing. I have intentionally created this pillar so that things don’t become overwhelming for you. You will take an intentional moment to pause, reflect and integrate everything you have learned and created for yourself along the journey, so that you can fully integrate it, whilst being fully supported by myself and the other women in the group.

As you pause and reflect, you may find that you feel that you have taken a step backward, or that you struggle to regain that connection or trust with the women around you. This pillar is specifically created for you, so that this doesn’t happen.
You will be anchored back into the connections you have created to continue with the same momentum you have started with. You will get the opportunity to openly discuss real life lessons and any wins you have achieved.


Energy clearing and cord cutting

In this module, you will learn how you can move into a place of acceptance and begin to execute, create, maintain and sustain healthy boundaries.


Expressing your truth, opening lines of communication

In this pillar, you will learn how to begin to trust yourself, your choices, your values and beliefs, through the reclamation of you full authentic expression of yourself.


Releasing sadness and grief, embodying self-love and compassion as you are guided through a reclamation, embodiment and honouring of your body with Shannon Amrein.

We celebrate - biggest takeaways, successes, wins, reflecting on how far you have come.



Connection with your intuition and divine gifts.


In shock.






The feelings that consume you every-single-day no longer need to lead your life.


You can release the feelings.

You can release the fear.

You can start to live your life.


I know that this may feel impossible right now. Out of reach. But I have walked the path and transformation is possible if you are ready to make a change. If you are ready to lean in, trust and do the work whilst being fully supported. Fully held. Because I know this is hard. I know this is scary. I know this is unnerving. I know this is challenging. 

My question to you...


What If?

What gets to be different?


What if you do not need to be held back by the emotions, the crippling self doubt, the feelings that you feel deep in your gut, in your belly, in your throat when you feel unsafe.


 What would life get to be?


The transformational journey supporting you to reclaim your power, creating a sense of deep security in your body, feeling connected in relationships, rebuilding trust and discovering the true essence of you that lies within.


Because you are ready to feel like you again.


The Whisper that you hear “But what if… How amazing would life be if I could have all of that. Is it really possible…?”


Before joining Sinead, I referred to the night my sexual trauma as “the night my heart went black”. I silenced myself and held everything inside. And life went on… But what I’ve come to realize is that life was going on without me. I was hiding in a corner - numb to every emotion, except anger. Anger was easily accessible and I jumped to it every chance I got. This was not the life I have envisioned. As I started digging deeper and unpacking layers of myself I saw, I saw the wound I thought I had covered up, was still there, raw, and needing attention. 

When I found Sinead and her offerings, I knew this is exactly what I needed. I was so nervous - fear and shame were trying to bring me down. But as I entered this space with her, parts of me immediately started shifting. She holds a loving, opened, space while guiding me back to my power. Coaching a=me on how to feel safe within myself, finding my voice, and to acknowledge that I am worthy of being the biggest, brightest version of myself. She has helped me uncover parts of me I never knew were there. And instead of hiding them away, she encourages me to look at them, acknowledge them, and hold space for them. This allows all parts of me to be seen, heard and healed. I am so thankful for Sinead - all of her wisdom, guidance and powerful healing.



Coming together as a sisterhood, can feel so powerfully healing and freeing. As each woman finds her unique voice, you get to celebrate, you get to rejoice. As one woman rises, it gives permission and inspiration for another to do the same and another and another.

You come together in a circle and as a sisterhood, to celebrate your unity as women.

As you step into this space, you get to heal all other aspects of safety - you get to heal the sister and mother wounds you have been carrying deep within your cells and DNA

You get to find your voice and share your story openly

You get to support one another. As you strengthen the connection with another woman, you get to strengthen your connection with yourself as a woman

A sisterhood of women is about creating connections that last forever.

Through stories and experiences that unite you.

The Miracle Method sisterhood will give you a sense of belonging,

A safe and sacred place you can call home, a place where you can create lasting friendships.

A place you will never be judged.

Have you ever found a sanctuary of women like that?

Friendships with women who will hold you?

Women who truly understand you?

The other women in the sisterhood hear you when you speak, they listen. They support you.

They understand that no other womans’ experience is worse than what you have personally been through

They already know that how you feel is valid and worthy of exploring.

They want you to know that too.

They are not there to judge you or compare themselves to you or you to them.

This sisterhood of women is there to support you. To hold you.

To Lift you up.

They are there to honour you.

The Miracle Method is about liberation. Freedom. Acceptance. Bringing together all the aspects to help you heal, integrate and embody all you truly are.


Your wild feminine.

Your power.