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Quantum Shift

There's so much going on in the world around us at the moment and it's having a deep impact on us all.

So many of our own wounds are being highlighted and brought to the surface to be paid attention to - it's not always easy, lovely, I know. I'm with you 

That's why I wanted to create something very special just for you

I noticed that so many of you are experiencing old limiting belief systems, old wounds and hidden traumas or memories rising up to the surface right now. Your relationships may be triggering you, your health may be suffering and you might be feeling terrified about your finances and what lies ahead.

I understand why you are worried, but I am not worried for you because I have created a special and unique 6 week 1:1 intensive just for you to not only support you to thrive during this difficult time, but also heal all those deep limiting belief systems, thought patterns and fears that hold you back from being who you truly want to be!


• Money mindset - holding onto or receiving money

• Shame or Guilt

• Low self-esteem, lack of motivation

• Feeling safe in your body

• Lack of SELF TRUST

• Fear of inadequacy

• Inability to trust yourself or others

• Fear of abandonment or rejection

• Emotional Eating, issues around food or any form or addictive behaviours

• Anxiety/Depression

• People pleasing and co-dependency


The Quantum Shift is a 6 week intensive and powerful high-frequency container that includes

 👉🏼 3 x 60 mins intuitive led coaching/high frequency activations/akashic guidance

👉🏼 Direct access to Sinead via voxer 

Each session is unique

This journey is for you if you are ready to quantum leap into your next level self.

All sessions are intended for you to experience deep transformation and expansion, activate and upgrade your frequency and spiritual gifts

They are NOT for you, if you are not ready to lean in and QUANTUM LEAP


There are VERY limited spots for these sessions.


Upon payment you will be sent a calendar link to book your first session.


ALL services are non-refundable.


Words Of Love From Clients



Client Love notes

I have struggled with low grade depression most of my life, and much more serious depression the last 4 or so years. During this time I've seen various therapists who have suggested drugs and CBT and DBT and I never got better, felt seen by them, or like they were getting to the root of the issue. I always felt that there was a deeper root to my depression, and Sinead helped me dig deep to find those roots and heal them. She also held me accountable for my role in my healing which was important for me. Her ability to pull from SO many different trauma informed approaches and healing methodologies and energetics and spirituality along with her intuition sets her apart and this integration of everything is unique and just works. For the first time in my life, I understand where my depression came from and also feel free from it. I'm continuing to experience life in a happier way, free from unwanted guilt, that I couldn't imagine before our time together. I look forward to continuing to work with Sinead because I find her expansive, insightful, and feel seen by her.

Annie - USA

"Sinead is a very gifted lightworker. I have just begun working with her and after only a couple of sessions, I am already feeling the powerful effects from the energy healing and emotional work. Sinead is very intuitive and is able to really tune in to your body, spirit and your guides. She knew things from my past relationships that only someone who has worked with me for a long time would have known. The cleansing energy she provides has helped to re-align my chakras and heal the physical symptoms I was experiencing from stagnant, emotional cords that had built up and needed to be cleared. I can't recommend Sinead enough!"

Tiffany - California, US

I found Sinead for a reason. I was drawn to her and deep down I knew I needed to work with her. One of my fears was around finances however I overcame this and I somehow knew this would be the best investment as I had spent €10000s over the last 10 years going to see medical professionals for my physical and mental health and they didn’t have answers for me or could they find a reason why I was getting physical pain, other symptoms that I was experiencing nor was I fully heard. I gained a lot from seeing other healers/alternative professionals but I still felt lost, out of my body, not fully right and in a lot of physical pain. I knew there was something deep in me that I needed to be faced/healed. Once I had my first session with Sinead I immediately felt safe, heard and acknowledged. She guided me to tap into my own power and intuition, supported me and thought me to celebrate and acknowledge my wins on a daily basis which I would have never have done before. Sinead helped me to go deep into Inner Child healing work I experienced energy healing and Sinead also provided me with tools that I can use on a daily basis which help me so much, especially when I am faced with challenges in my life. I was a shy person/people pleaser, had low self-esteem, afraid to speak up and I was afraid to speak my truth prior to working with Sinead. I am more confident in myself and I have also learned to put boundaries in place. My physical health has improved and is still improving; my body is more at ease and in less pain.

Sharon - Galway, Ireland