One thing I've observed in my life and in so many around me, is the inherent struggle to take up space in the world.


We see our physical bodies, our shape, size and stature. We have awareness of our bone structure, we feel the pulse of our beating hearts, the breath we inhale and exhale from our lungs, we observe how our bodies move in the world.


But what we rarely recognise is that we are so much more than that and if you are in my world then you probably have some idea of this already.

We extend far beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies. 

Beyond the curves and edges of our skin. 

We expand into the space and world around us. 

It is in this space that our full potential can come alive


As we bring awareness to the parts of ourselves that are invisible to the naked eye, magic and miracles occur… daily

We are a physical being having a spiritual experience


We are energetic beings and our energy expands beyond the physical, all around us in every direction and dimension

When we blend our physical with our energetic. When we blend all the facets of us. The parts of ourselves we can and cannot see, that is when we ascend.

The journey to ascension has a process of cyclical nature

We travel inwards, exploring the depths of our being

We descend deep beneath the layers of our consciousness, excavating and unearthing the seeds of new life within us

We grow out, we blossom, like a wild flower, allowing our petals to unfurl and unfold, just as a wild flower comes into form in the early days of spring

And from there we grow out.. taller and higher, reaching for the warmth of the sunshine, the airy midsomer evenings, the fluffy clouds and moonlit starry skies.. filling ourselves with the endless possibilities of abundance 


It is a process that can neither be denied or avoided.


We can’t just Ascend


What goes up will eventually go down, unless it is fully grounded and anchored into its roots

 We live by the laws of the universe


So we must anchor in, expand out and then go up. 


And when you go up. When you ascend. That is when you experience all that life has to offer

A 6 Month Trauma-informed spiritual development training course that bridges the gap between trauma-focussed and spiritual development programmes. Globally Accredited. There is no other course in the world like this.


The process begins in an IN and DOWNWARD motion. 


Setting the tone with the journey of devotion. Devotion to the magic encapsulated within your vessel, the body.

In this journey we create this beautiful knowledge of self, of awareness. Of the parts of you, you can see.

You are present and fully aware in your reality. And the parts that are unseen, the intricacies of self that impact your reality. The internal world, your physicality, emotions, the neural pathways that creating sparks of magnetic energy within your mind. Working with the shadow. Releasing, healing and invoking the alchemical process of transmutation.





Then we journey outward.


Aligning and Activating the unseen 

We are more than just our human body (but I know you know this), we get to take up and claim all of that energetic space around us, as our own. 

We lean into that space with a deep knowing, awareness and embodiment of all that is rightfully yours to honour and claim.

We fill this space with your own unique code and frequency of light. Entwined and weaved with your own soul's sovereign blueprint.

We align all aspects of you - the parts you see and the parts you don’t and we activate them as one. 


Stepping into your wholeness

Bursting with your fullest expression

We then go UP. Ascending into the ether.

Catapulting you into the cosmos, connecting you with far more of your oneness.

Complete with the mastery of your human, you are fully aligned and activated, ready to ascend into the delights the cosmos has to offer.

Entering into the realms of limitnessless from a place of complete wholeness, fully anchored into the reality that you are living in.


The bridge between heaven and earth.

You are the conduit between the highest star in the galaxies and the fire blazing in the depths of the earth.

The Ascension Codes are informed by VII Sacred Codes that have been channeled through me. I have been divinely chosen to birth this programme into existence and it has become part of my mission on this planet


The VII Sacred Codes will support you in this journey.



5 x 90 mins Teaching calls PER MONTH

1 x 90 mins Q&A/Laser coaching calls PER MONTH

1 week Assimilation and integration pcm


Access to the confidential community forum for support and consistency

Access to Sinead inside the private community forum with support and accountability mon-fri every week of the 6 months

Video teachings, manual and workbooks in the Kajabi portal

12 Guest Expert teachings

Q&A with Guest Experts

Laser Coaching

Energy Healing

Educated to Trauma-Informed standard

Internationally Accredited and Certified in The Ascension Codes Trauma-Informed Spiritual Development Course

Eligible for Insurance


We are the magnetic force that attracts endless possibilities and The VII Sacred Codes that have been downloaded into my being are the way I am teaching you how this gets to happen for you easily and effortlessly.


Sinead Cracknell is a trauma-informed Psychic healer, coach and motivational speaker.

Sinead has healed from anxiety and depression, emotional eating disorders, drug addiction, bowel cancer, emotional and sexual trauma.

She now utilises the tools she used and blends them with her intuitive gifts and abilities, taking a holistic approach to empower people from all over the world to heal deep trauma, set themselves free from their inner-critic and limiting beliefs, unleash their voice and step into the fullest expression of their power.

"We get to take up space in the world, have everything we desire, and not settle for anything less than we deserve. We get to have it all!"

Ascension for me is being able to ascend the human experience and open ourselves up to the unseen world and the infinite possibilities available to us.


It is a blending of the two worlds


The world we see through the lens of our human eyes and the world we see, sense and feel through our inner knowing, our intuition and connection to the divine

  There, right in front of you and all around you.. just beyond your fingertips

Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Can you smell the sweet aroma of possibility?

As you step into your fullness you step into your divinity. Claiming your birth-right of infinite possibility and limitlessness.


You will know, in some way, whether this is for you. I am not here to tell you specifically who this is for. 

You will know.

Your soul will have guided you here. There will be a deep full bodied yes. A yes, you can’t ignore or try and turn away from. 

 You will just know.

You may be a coach, a healer, a business owner. 

You may be thinking of starting a business. 

Or you may have a deep niggle that there is more available to you, there’s something mystical and magical about what life has to offer and you know you want in.

Maybe you’re unsure of your plans for the future, you might even be questioning your entire existence right now. Unsure of which way direction to turn, or what steps to take next.

Don’t worry my love, you are in the right place


Perhaps you have been consuming all the self help books, filling your home with shiny, sparkly crystals and diving into a meditation practice or journaling and there’s something about all of this that just knows that they must be the gateway to something deeper. 

Perhaps you have been consuming all the self help books, filling your home with shiny, sparkly crystals and diving into a meditation practice or journaling and there’s something about all of this that just knows that they must be the gateway to something deeper. 

Perhaps this gets to be about you. Maybe you want to be able to take yourself into the deeper layers of self-awareness.  There’s a sense of safety that comes, when we know we have all the tools at our fingertips, that are going to support us through lifes’ ever winding path.

You may be well adverse in your area of expertise, but there is a thirst for more knowledge, a desire to be exposed to different teachers or methodologies, because a part of you knows that there is always more to learn. There's always more knowledge and wisdom gained through being in the energy of different teachers. That things tend to land differently when you are in a different space or at a different point in time.

You want to learn more of what makes you the spiritual being living the human experience


You want to open up and take advantage of the aspects of yourself that you don’t seem to be able to access on your own

It is not my intention on this page to convince you that this is for you.  There needs to be an ownership, an autonomy and empowered self-responsibility, in the decision you make. I want you to make this decision for yourself.

Because, I trust, that you will know that The Ascension Codes is right for you. You will likely know that there is always more we can learn. That there are always more layers we can peel back.

There maybe a thirst waiting to be quenched. A hunger within, waiting to be satiated with all that life has to offer. The seen and unseen


The Ascension Codes brings it all together into one space so you don’t have to go out and look for more.


More mentors, teachers, guides, healers.


You have it all there. 

All aspects of mastering the human. 

Mastering you.


Pay In Full



6 Monthly Payments



9 Monthly Payments



Because, you will walk away from this course 

  • Having learned how to heal your attachment styles in relationships
  • Knowing, with a better understanding and awareness of, HOW to approach certain situations and communicate assertively and confidently
  • Being able to communicate with yourself, partners, friends, children and co-workers, in a more compassionate and empathic way
  • Exuding confidence and courage with every word you speak, how you move and how you show up in the world, because you will feel empowered and know, love and trust yourself implicitly
  • Your nervous system will be regulated, having lifetime access to tools and techniques to ensure that this is the new 'normal' for you
  • Spiritual Gifts and activations will be opening and expanding on the daily
  • Your Intuition will be so on point and scarily accurate, that you won't feel the desire to ask for anyone's advice or suggestions, because you TRUST yourself fully and trust what your inner guidance is telling you
  • You will know your body inside and out, all layers, levels and dimensions in all directions
  • You will feel safe to be in your body, there will be a lack of desire to fill the void or space when you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, or feel the contraction
  • You will know how not to let your mind take control or take over situations with incessant repetitive stories or old limiting beliefs
  • Being trauma-informed and trauma-intune with yourself AND others
  •  Fully certified and eligible for insurance, so that you can use all the skills inside your business and with others
  • Fully trained and qualified as an energy healer


The Ascension Codes teaches and guides you through the whole process - deeply connecting with your body and intuition, learning how to reprogramme your mind and supporting you to open up to a world beyond your wildest imagination 




All services are non-refundable. Terms and Conditions Apply.